What if one of the parents is not Jewish?

If the mother is Jewish, then the child is Jewish according to Jewish law and a traditional Bris Milah is performed. If the mother is not Jewish, the circumcision can be performed as the first step of a conversion should the child choose to convert later on in life. This would negate the need for [...]

How much do you charge for a Bris Milah?

I do not charge a set fee for a bris. I would perform a Bris Milah for free if the situation called for it and have done so many times. Quite obviously, there are costs involved in terms of my time and expenses including travel, preparation, medical supplies and initial training. That being the [...]

Do you perform “Metzitza B’peh”?

Metzitza B’peh is a Jewish tradition to jumpstart and aid the healing process. Until the last century it was done by manually suctioning the blood from the Bris site. Today, this is typically done through a more modern and completely sterile technique, utilizing a sterile tube packed with gauze to ensure no communication of germs [...]

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